Fashion and views on the beauty of women’s bodies are constantly changing. And now everyone wants to have beautiful rounded buttocks. This can be easily achieved with the help of simple exercises. For most girls, it is very important that their figure approaches the ideal. To pump up the buttocks and purchase seductive forms can be easily even at home. And it is not at all necessary to purchase expensive simulators. All you need to do is gymnastics mat, comfortable clothes and half an hour of free time. Indeed, for many women it is very important that the training does not require large expenditures.

Features homework

Before you start training, you need to understand what results you need to achieve. After all, to eliminate body fat and to build muscle need different exercises. If there is a large amount of fatty tissue on the buttocks, cellulite is present, it means that anaerobic exercises should be included in the complex of trainings: running, jumping, exercise bike, other sweat loads. But sometimes a large amount of buttocks is not associated with fat, but with the size of muscle tissue, although this rarely happens in women. In this case, strength exercises need to be given less time.

If it is required to simply pump up muscles and give seductive forms to the buttocks, it is necessary to perform exactly strength exercises. The berry muscles of girls easily respond to the load and quickly grow in volume. If you pick the right exercises, you can pump them for a couple of months, even at home. Best of all, the gluteus maximus muscle grows from power loads. Therefore, it is necessary to use different weighting agents for its inflation. At home for women, you can take dumbbells or ordinary bottles filled with water.


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Basic rules of employment

Doing at home is much more pleasant than in the hall. At home you can turn on your favorite music, choose any comfortable clothes. But in order for the training to be effective, we should not forget about some of the rules:

  • classes at home should be regular, preferably every other day, but every day, because at home the load is not so strong that there is a need for rest, although if the muscles do not recover, their weight will not increase,
  • each day the training should start at the same time, preferably one hour before lunch or before dinner,
  • the selected complex can be alternated with other loads, for example, training on a exercise bike is useful,
  • the load should increase gradually: if you are not accustomed to training, then you should not immediately perform the maximum number of repetitions or use weighting, otherwise the muscles will be depleted and not grow,
  • Each exercise should be carried out strictly following the technique to eliminate injuries, especially if weights are used,
  • as for pumping buttocks, women need a large number of repetitions to avoid overload, it is better to break them into 3-5 sets of 10-15 repetitions,
  • It is very important to pay attention to the rhythm of breathing: to strain the muscles, preferably on the exhale, and on the inhale – to relax,
  • in order to quickly pump up the buttocks at home, you need to be engaged intensively – the gluteus maximus muscles must “burn”, and after class you should feel pleasantly tired.

What to include in classes

You can take any set of exercises aimed at pumping up the muscles of the buttocks. But when you study at home, it is easy to make changes if you wish. It is allowed to change the number of repetitions or the number of approaches, interchange exercises or add others. You can usually do it without any adaptations, but if the gluteus maximus needs a strong increase, weighting agents will be required. For women it is better to use no more than 1.5–2 kg.

There are many exercises to build muscle in this place. Not all of them can be performed at home. Of those that do not require the use of simulators, the most effective are only four. True, they have options, so you can diversify the complex, alternating between different ways of their implementation. So, the best exercises for pumping up the buttocks:

  • squats,
  • lunges
  • kick your feet
  • buttock bridge.


how to get a bigger buttocks fast at home


How to squat

Squats are the most effective exercises for pumping the buttocks at home. Despite their seeming simplicity, they really help improve the shape of the buttocks. Even without weighting, just with its own weight, these exercises activate the metabolism, start the process of burning fat and increase muscle volume. What squats are needed for the muscles of the buttocks?

  1. Classic option. Legs should be wider than shoulders, arms can be pulled forward, clasped behind the head or put on the waist. Squat must be slowly, lowering the pelvis down and back slightly. It is desirable to ensure that the thighs become parallel to the floor, and the knee joint makes a right angle. Try to keep your back straight, and your heels should not be torn off the floor. Such squats will help in strengthening the gluteal muscles.
  2. Squats-plié. In addition to working out the gluteus maximus muscle, this exercise strengthens the hips. To perform it, try to spread your legs wider than your shoulders and turn your socks inwards. When you squat, lower the pelvis down and move your knees apart.

How to make lunges

This exercise effectively helps to form a rounded, beautifully shaped buttocks. Many options for its implementation allows you to select the desired load.

  1. Classic attacks are made forward from a standing position. At the same time, the legs should be placed shoulder-width apart, and the arms lowered. Then a big step forward is made so that the front leg is bent at the knee and the hip is parallel to the floor.
  2. Reverse lunge involves a step back. The position is almost the same as when lungeing forward, but the emphasis is on the back leg, so slightly different areas of the muscles are tense.
  3. Another option, well stretching the gluteus maximus muscle – is “attacks skater.” When performing this exercise, the leg goes back and diagonally, behind the other leg. Hands can be put on the waist or take dumbbells in them. Legs in the extreme position bent. The thigh of that leg, which is ahead, should be parallel to the floor.

How to perform the bridge

This is another effective exercise at home for pumping the gluteal muscles. It is carried out from a prone position on the back. In this case, the legs bend at the knees. On the exhale, raise the pelvis, straining the buttocks. It is necessary to ensure that the back remains straight. A little linger in this position. If the exercise is very simple to perform, you can put a weighting agent on your belly. It is important to ensure that lifting is not done at the expense of the waist, but with the help of the leg muscles.

Various options for moves

The best-known exercises are swinging your legs from a standing position. First one leg rises, then the other. There are several options: you can lift them forward, backward or to the side. Hand is better to hold on to support. To exercise was effective not only for the muscles of the thigh, but also for the buttocks, it is better to do swinging with the weights. For quick results, perform 25 repetitions on each leg.

There are a few more options for moves

  1. Lie on the side, lift the upper part of the body, holding the hand under the head. Legs straighten. Raise the upper leg, then lower it, without touching the second leg. So repeat 25 times. If a burning sensation appears in the buttocks, then the exercise is performed correctly.
  2. Very effective kick back legs from the position on all fours. Hands bend at the elbows, so that the pelvis was raised above the head. This provides a load on the gluteus muscle. Swing each leg up 10-15 times.


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Other types of loads

You can vary the complex, including in it other exercises. They are less effective, but will help to quickly form the rounded shape of the buttocks at home.

  1. Walking on the buttocks tones the muscles, relieves cellulite and improves blood circulation in problem areas. Therefore, this “walking” is necessary if there are body fat on the buttocks.
  2. Other effective exercises are the boat and the star. They are a bit similar. For the first, lying on your stomach, you need to stretch your arms in front of you. Lift the upper torso and both legs simultaneously, while trying to tighten the muscles of the buttocks. And for the exercise “star” legs and arms need to be further diluted.

Such training at home is quite effective for girls. She helps them quickly get rid of excess fat and form a beautiful figure.

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