Here and now you will learn about exercises with dumbbells for women to lose weight, get valuable recommendations for their implementation, as well as technology. Are you ready?

The topic of losing weight is very popular today – women and men are trying to lose weight with aerobic exercise, which is the best solution, or believe in various fad diets.


  1. Where to go and how classes should take place
  2. Exercises with dumbbells
    • Exercises for arms
    • Exercises for the abdomen

But it’s easy, without overcoming difficulties. To achieve your goals, it is necessary to sweat a little. And if you use the Pareto principle (20% of efforts are equal to 80% of the result and vice versa), then relatively, I emphasize, it is relatively quick to get the desired figure.

So now I’m offering you the best exercises with dumbbells for weight loss so that the result will be that you get 80% of the result. Read the article about exercises with rubber expander.

Where to go and how classes should take place

First of all, you need to determine the location of the training: if you attend a gym or a sports facility, then this is a very good solution. But do not despair, if you for some reason do not get to visit such centers – you can do it at home if you want. To do this, it is enough to buy or find two hand-held dumbbells.

lose weight with dumbbells
Lose weight with dumbbells

Sports or gym. All the advantages of training in sports facilities come down to the following: collective classes and the atmosphere – you look at how others are doing and you are motivated to work hard; the availability of a coach – can prompt or help; the availability of a variety of machines and adaptations – it is possible to combine the exercises I proposed below with others.

Home workouts: you don’t have to waste time going to the gym – saving time and money; during classes you can do other things – listen to an audiobook, watch a TV series and stuff that is not available in the gym; no feeling of restraint – no one looks at you, and does not judge.

Each training can proceed in different ways depending on your location. But ideally, it should always be intense (with a high rate of exercise), with a reduced rest time between sets and exercises (no more than 1.5 minutes per exercise, use a timer), and with small weights and a large number of repetitions. If your task is to lose weight, and not add strength, then you need to adhere to these rules.

The basic concept:

  • high rate of exercise;
  • shortened respite time;
  • light weights of dumbbells (3 – 4 kg, not more);
  • many repetitions (no less than 15 in each set).

Exercises with dumbbells

The training session offered by me consists of 10 exercises and is performed on a “top-down” basis. Includes exercises for the muscles of the arms and abdomen. Pursuing it, you should feel a certain burning sensation in the muscles – this is direct evidence that you are steadily dropping excess calories, and the exercises are being performed technically correctly.

dumbbells for weight loss
Dumbbells for weight loss

Exercises for arms

  1. Dumbbells in the hands, hands raised up at the sides so that the shoulders are parallel to the floor, and the forearms face up (shoulder and forearm form a right angle). The back is flat. From this position, raise the dumbbells up to the full straightening of the arms above the head, and then return to the starting position. Do 3 sets of 20 reps.
  2. We take the starting position from the previous exercise, but now we move the elbows in front of us – they look forward and parallel to the floor, and the forearms are still directed upwards, only the dumbbell touches you.

From this position, you need to straighten your arms above your head, just as you did in the previous exercise, but at the same time turn your wrists from you forward, that is, palms facing you, and then straighten your arms. Do 2 – 3 sets of 15 reps each.

  1. Take dumbbells in your hands, bring them together and lift them over your head, but so that the thumbs look down. From this position you need to bend your arms behind your head only in the elbows (bringing dumbbells to the back of your head) – shoulders still point to the ceiling. After – straighten your arms, returning dumbbells to the starting position. Do not release the dumbbell during the exercise. In total – 3 sets of 20 reps.
  2. Take one dumbbell in any hand, and press the elbow with it to the side. Tilt the body forward, bend the knees, and lower the free hand onto the knee, resting on it.

The elbow of the hand with the weight is pressed to the body, and the dumbbell faces down. From this position, straighten the arm, but do not remove the elbow from the trunk. Bend. Repeat 15 extensions. Change of hand position – again 15 extensions. Only 2 approaches in both hands.

  1. Both dumbbells are in hands, hands are lowered downwards, but are pressed to the trunk, palms face forward. Alternately, perform bending of arms at the elbows, bringing dumbbells almost to your shoulders. Alternately means one hand is lowered, while the second is raised. You must master 3 approaches 25 times per hand, that is, one approach is equal to 50 repetitions. It is possible to perform an exercise with simultaneous bending of both arms.
  2. Dumbbells in the palms of your hands, place one leg in front of the other. We perform “boxing”. Have you ever seen boxing? Try again. It is necessary to “probox” a minute at a high rate, after which to rest for a minute. And so 2 more times. Only 3 minutes of boxing and 3 minutes of rest between “rounds.”
Dumbbells for girls
Dumbbells for girls

Exercises for the abdomen

  1. Hands are freely lowered and keep dumbbells along the body. The legs are narrower than the width of the shoulders, the feet point straight – it’s important! Bend to the right (deep), then lean to the left as much as possible. Only 2 – 3 approaches 40 times, not less. You can move by making small steps back and forth.
  2. Lie on your back, hands with dumbbells lie on your chest. Legs are bent at the knees, feet are pressed to the floor. Perform lifting of the trunk, bringing the breast with dumbbells lying on it right to the knees. Go down to the floor. You should try to make 2 sets of 15 – 20 times each (see how it feels).
  3. The starting position is the same, only the right leg with the back of the heel is on the left knee. Perform lifting of the trunk with simultaneous turning to the right, bringing the left elbow to the right knee. Do 15 to 20 repetitions, then make a change in the position of the legs and do the same for the other half of the trunk (right elbow to the left knee).
  4. Lie on your right side on the floor. The right hand should rest on the floor with the elbow and forearm, and the shoulder should be perpendicular to the floor. The forearm faces forward. The left hand holds the dumbbell and lies on the side of the body. Perform straightening of the spine, raising the pelvis and right thigh from the floor, remaining only on the forearm of the right arm and the lateral part of the right ankle. Go down to the starting position. For each side make 15 – 20 lifts in 2 sets. I agree, this exercise is very difficult to understand, but it is no less effective if you understand it. Believe me, it’s worth the effort.

Well, use exercises with dumbbells for women for weight loss, and everything will be fine with you. And I say goodbye to you. Be sure to comment on this article, and do not forget to subscribe to a blog update or share this wonderful set of exercises with your friends on social networks. Good luck to all. We also recommend Sport Supplements for Weight Loss.

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