Today I will introduce you exercises with a rubber expander at home, and also we will take a detailed look at the exercises for men and women.

  1. Introduction
  2. general information
  3. Exercises for women at home
  4. Exercises for men at home
  5. Conclusion


All of us with you know that not everyone can afford to attend sports or gyms due to certain reasons: there is not enough money, time, willpower or desire. For most, the loss of time on the way to the gym and back is also a problem. Therefore such people, in most cases, prefer to be engaged independently, at home.

Of course, I can not name all the reasons that stop a lot of people on the way to a beautiful body, but all the same the main ones are reflected here. And what makes you do at home? I await your answers in the comments. Read the article about functional training program.

So, each of those who try to perform certain exercises at home, can not afford to have a pair of dumbbells because of their relative high cost (if they are collapsible and of good quality), not to mention some elementary simulator such as block one. It is for such cases that there is a rubber expander, although it is used by experienced athletes.


This device is quite simple in technical and operational terms, and although the exercises differ in some features from the usual exercises with free weights, they still have much in common. Let’s consider the features of exercises with a rubber expander in general.

General information

As I said above, exercises with a rubber expander (and it happens also from other materials) do not differ much from weightlifting, but at the same time they contribute a lot of other exercises that can not be repeated with other sports equipment.

An example is a swimming exercise where you lie on a bench, with both hands hold the handles of the expander, and its middle is attached to something. From this position, you can work with your hands like a crochet on your chest, or breaststroke or butterfly.

Do you want to say that the same can be repeated with small dumbbells in hand? No, the effect is not the same – the resistance is too small in comparison with the expander.

The spectrum of special (we will call them so) exercises with the expander is very large: it can be used to influence various areas of the body, beginning with the upper shoulder belt, and ending with the belt of the lower extremities.

Yes, exercises allow you to work out legs, press, hands, back, chest, and a kind of highlight will be exercises to strengthen the muscles of the neck. Have you ever met simulators to train your neck? If so, then you are an incredible lucky one – such simulators are very rare.

All this only indicates the universality and indispensability of this simulator. Exercises performed with an expander can be used for both men and women. Although I’ll still try to delimit them. We also recommend the article: Safety in the gym.

Exercises for women at home

In my opinion, these exercises will suit mostly women or girls, although they are not forbidden to apply to men if there is a desire. The list includes exercises that mainly affect the legs, buttocks, waist and press. If you, dear girls and women, want to expand the list, just borrow them from men.

Exercise at home for women
Exercise at home for women

1. The deadlift with the expander. 
Fold the expander in half or four and evenly become on it with both feet. Feet on the width of the shoulders. Both ends (on the one hand will be handles, with another just rubber) to pick up. Bend the legs in the lap (as if sitting down), put the ass back, the back is bent. Exercise extension of the legs in all joints, with hands holding the expander.

2. Makhi feet. 
Attach one end of the expander to the ankle, the other to the fixed and well-fixed object. To become exactly, at the time of performing the knees do not bend, and the toe on the working leg should be stretched. Run the mahi with a tied foot forward, to the side, back (whatever). Change the position of the legs and repeat the same for the other leg.

3. Flexion of the legs. 
Attach the middle of the expander for a fixed object, for example, the leg of the sofa, and attach both ends to the ankles. Lie on the floor on the stomach in such a way that the legs look at the leg of the sofa, but the expander must already be stretched (he should not be relaxed in the starting position). Under your knees, you can spread something soft. Perform bending of both legs.

4. Leg extension. 
Do not unhook from the legs of the sofa expander. Both ends are dragged under a stool or chair. Sit on the chair with your back to the sofa and fasten both ends to yourself on your ankles. Hold with both hands over the edge of the chair, perform leg extension.

5. Swing the press. 
Lock the middle high, at the chest level behind any stationary object. Take in the hands of both arms and kneel so that in the starting position the expander has already been pulled. Palms with handles near the forehead, and arms bent at the elbows. From this position we bend in the spine, bringing our elbows to the knees.

6. Slopes to the side. 
Fold the shell in half, right foot to stand in the middle, and both ends to take in the right hand. A free hand to get behind the head. Run right tilt relaxing expander, and to make the same (at least) the slope to the left, stretching expander. Similarly, repeat for the other side.

Exercises for men at home

Usually men are focused on working out the muscles of the chest, arms, shoulders and back. It is these zones that will allow the following exercises to work.

Exercises at home for men
Exercises at home for men

1. Raising hands to the sides. 
Stand on both feet simulator middle hands to hold both handles on the sides. Slightly bent arms in the elbows must be raised to the sides to a position parallel to the floor.

2. Raising hands forward. 
The starting position is the same, only now you need to raise your hands in front of you to the level of your chest.

3. Bending of hands. 
The starting position is invariable. Elbows are pressed to the sides. Perform bending of hands in elbows, bringing the palms almost to the shoulders.

4. Extension of hands. 
Become the right foot in the middle of the simulator, and take the two arms in the right hand. Lean forward, the back is bent, knees slightly bent. Place your free hand on the eponymous knee. Elbow right hand to press against the trunk. Extend right hand extension. Repeat the same for the left.

5. Thrust for yourself. 
Secure the middle of the expander at the level of the navel, and take both hands in hand. A little sit down, the back is straightened. Exercise cravings to the lower abdomen.

6. Hand cultivation. 
Fold the expander twice or three times, the ends of a brother-in-law in the hands. Hands raise to the level of the chest. To carry out the spreading of the hands to the sides.

Well, how do you like the exercises? If you decide to study at home, then I advise you to buy an expander here in a tested store. Yes, and they are cheap.


So you saw exercises with a rubber expander at home. In total there are 12 of them, both lists can be supplemented with each other. And I say goodbye to you. Subscribe to the updates of my blog or share this article with your friends on social networks. Good luck to all.

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