To date, the fitness industry is experiencing a peak in its development, now it has become fashionable to go to the gym, but very many people do not even think about safety in it, thereby exposing their health to dangers, and the elementary ridicule of an athlete with “experience”.

Surely you saw on YouTube, funny videos dedicated to fitness rooms, where a certain athlete gets stuck under a barbell or in a machine, or maybe you did not even understand this, because you yourself do not know how to behave properly in the gym, what is allowed and what not to do, how to get help from a particular trainer, what clothes you should wear when engaging working out.

But most importantly, this is your health, which no one except yourself will take care of, therefore, observe safety techniques, first and foremost so as to not harm your body, joints, ligaments, tendons, and not to injure others.

Safety in the Gym

And now we will pass to the general moments of safety in an exercise room:

  1. You should not smell bad so take deodorant, shampoo, a towel, and slippers for a shower.
  2. A person consists of 70% water, so it’s extremely important to have a bottle of clean water(0.5-1.5 liters), otherwise, dehydration will begin, the blood will thicken, the heart will beat more often, the water-salt balance will also be violated, which can break the neuromuscular connection. Then you simply will not have the strength to continue exercising.
  3. Clothes should be clean, not torn, and comfortable, during exercise, there should be no discomfort, clothes should not restrain movement, do not wear synthetic clothing, the skin should breathe. For classes, it’s best to use shorts that are tight or loose, depending on your preference, and a tank top or t-shirt, but not a warm jacket. Girls, we recommend, clothes specially designed for training in the gym: for the bottom – leggings, shorts, pants, for the top – a shirt, T-shirt, sports bra, you can buy in any sports shop, for example, in a sportsmaster.
  4. Wear sneakers in the gym, but not sandals or flip-flops. Already many athletes have suffered from flip flops, they are slippery, the ankle does not fix, as a result, the joint shifts, all this leads inevitably to injury. Shoes, as well as clothes, are best purchased in a sports store, and not in a department store, where the quality is lower.
  5. Do not just wander around the gym, find a fitness instructor, ask him to draw up a training plan, ask him to show the technique of performing the exercises you are interested in.
  6. Do not forget to disassemble the bar correctly, you should not take more than 1-2 weights from each side at a time, otherwise, there will be an imbalance, and you or others are injured.
  7. Do not disturb others in the gym, first of all, this is: when a person does the exercise, do not approach and do not ask “how much longer”, as soon as the occupant has finished the approach, ask, in addition, do not “hover”in the background, while the athletes are working out, this is very distracting, does not allow them to fully concentrate on doing the exercise.
  8. Before training, always perform a warm-up, if necessary, use warming ointments. Cold muscles and ligaments are very easily injured. The warm-up in the gym should not only be before the beginnings of all exercises, but also before the beginning of the basic (working) approach in the exercise, that is, if you perform bench press lying on a horizontal bench, 4 sets of 8 times with a weight of 80 kg, then the warm-up will look like this: 1х15 – empty bar, 1х12 – 40 kg, 1х10 – 50 kg, 1х8 – 60 kg, 1х6 – 70 kg, working approaches 4х8 – 80 kg.

The girl performs a horizontal pull in the block simulator

The girl performs a horizontal pull in the block simulator

Do not forget about stretching of the muscles after training. This helps to restore them as soon as possible, also increases the muscle strength and growth potential (the more the muscle stretches, the more it contracts, which means that the greater the training effect will be from the exercise).

draw your attention to the warm-up and the cool-down, this is what so many, and beginners and even experienced athletes neglect in the gym, thereby subjecting their musculoskeletal system, muscles to various injuries, ranging from stretching the muscle fibers, ending with a complete detachment of the tendon. Run for weight loss, because running is safe to exercise.

Rules of conduct in the gym

  1. According to tradition, in the gym, one should not step over the barbell. This can be perceived as a gesture of disrespect.
  2. A gym is a public place, respect yourself and others, behave with dignity, do not make noise, do not talk too loudly
  3. Having started independent studies on the equipment, pay attention to the correctness of the technique of execution, you can learn it from the coach, or from a more experienced athlete, and also in our section of the exercise. Otherwise, the likelihood of injury is great, despite the fact that modern fitness equipment of the gyms, compared to the “rusty iron” rockers of the 90s, is quite safe.
  4. After completing the exercise, you should pull out the rod and remove the plates hung on the machine/bar if they were used, put dumbbells/weights back in place).
  5. When you visit the gym, you may encounter one common problem encountered by exercisers and trainers. Be sure to ask, whether it’s ok to use or disassemble fitness equipment. If not, there will be complete confusion and conflicts.
Girls cute chatting while doing exercise in the gym
Girls cute chatting while doing exercise in the gym

How to start if you are a newbie in the gym?

Strength training of beginners in the gym can be full of mistakes and problems, which can lead to injury and zero results. Therefore, you need to properly approach your training process.

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Below are some guidelines that will help you understand how to start building your workouts in the gym:

  1. Find yourself a training program with a detailed description, which will clearly describe the recommendations for the choice of working weight on the bar, relaxation between the approaches and the duration of the training, of course, based on its purpose (mass gain, muscle toning, increased endurance, strength increase, weight loss, increase in aerobic endurance)
  2. Learn the technique of performing exercises that occur in the chosen training program
  3. Adjust your meal plan, in favor of increasing/decreasing caloric content, and in choosing the right, healthy foods that form the basis of a healthy diet
  4. Purchase a sports bag with which you will go to the gym, it must be big enough to hold water, a change of clothes and shoes, optional soap supplies/sports nutrition/bandages / warming-up ointment.
  5. Any training should start with a warm-up (performing an exercise with a very lightweight for you, treadmill, exercise bikes, etc.), in order to avoid injury during training.
The guy sits on the bench, and the girl performs a vertical pull of the block in the gym
The guy sits on the bench, and the girl performs a vertical pull of the block in the gym

On this list of basic safety requirements and rules of staying in the gym ends.

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