Lose weight in a short time is impossible, without harm to health, so we will consider it is the run in the morning for weight loss, because this is a very effective exercise for burning fat.

Running and burning fat

As you know, running is an aerobic load on the body, and therefore, as a source of energy, our body will use fats.

On average, 60 minutes of quiet running, consumes 600 calories, but who will run for an hour, and besides it is very small, for a significant weight loss, given that 1 kg of fat contains about 9000 kcal.

In connection with the above information, it is clear that to use running for weight loss, it is not advisable, however, we will list the positive aspects of running for the person:

  • Strengthening the cardiovascular system, training the heart
  • Increased Stamina
  • It brings the human body into a tonus, gives it vitality
  • Reduces the percentage of fat in the body, helps to lose weight in a complex way

Running at any time of the day, without the correct diet for weight loss can help to get rid of cellulite, and increase strength, consider this!

Can I run a race?

Running, this is a significant load on the body, so it’s necessary to run with the mind. First of all, running is contraindicated for people with a sick heart (replace running for swimming), as well as people with sick legs (all depends on the severity of the disease, injury). But in any case, everyone who has runnings is counter-indicative, remember that movement is life, so do not limit yourself to everything, replace running, walking, running in place, squats, your muscles must be loaded, otherwise you’ll simply atrophy them, because everyone knows what we do not use, then dies, it’s not just the brain cells.

A girl and a dog do morning jogging in nature
A girl and a dog do morning jogging in nature

All the rest, healthy, running will benefit, depending on your fitness, physical shape, choose how long you will run. So, for example, a person far from sports, enough for the first stage of 5-10 minutes of easy running, more advanced athletes, can start from 20-25 minutes. But in any case, you need to start gradually, measuredly, without a high pulse. Let your body adapt to the primary load, then you can increase the run time. Athletes who are interested in increasing stamina should combine easy running, medium and fast, and also run much longer than all the other, untrained people, on the order of 40-50 minutes or more.

Form of clothing for running

Clothes should be comfortable for running, so that it does not hamper the movement, and simultaneously absorbs sweat, that is, use cotton fabric. Shoes should be without heels, preferably sneakers, sneakers, etc.

Where can I run?

First of all, we run for health, which means that your runs along the roadside, near the roads, will only harm the body, by inhaling harmful motor gases, do not harm yourself, run where there is clean air. Ideally, this is a forest, a country road, a stadium. Of course, you can alternatively use a treadmill in the gym.


Power before running

Before running, as well as before going to the gym you can not eat, extreme food intake should be 1-2 hours before the load, in order for the food to digest. If you are going to run in the morning, then after a dream, have a drink of water, and proceed to run.

In general, our body gets used to everything, it takes only a while, and it adapts to external conditions. If you are used to running in the morning, then continue to run at this time. The fact is that when the body gets used to a certain rhythm, time, it starts to mobilize all its resources, energy, precisely at the time in which it is accustomed to receiving the load. So, if you change, the morning run, to the evening, then you may find fatigue, a decline in energy and strength.

Use the fat burning run, integrated, as an additional, integrated anti-slimming remedy, with proper nutrition, and then your extra calories will burn more than ever.

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