Surely you are interested in a rowing simulator. Did I guess right? Well, then briefly look at what will be discussed in this article: a general description of a home rowing machine, what it’s used for, and what it can help with. Go!


  1. Description
  2. What is it used for?
  3. For what problems can it become a magic wand?
  4. Conclusion

Surely you and your friends have an idea of a rowing in a rowboat, or at least have seen how it’s done from the outside. A rowing machine is the same, the only difference being that you do not need to swim anywhere and rent a boat too.

And what do you think are the muscles used during the rowing exercises on the simulator? Well, let’s take a guess. The muscles of the hands? Right! Upper back? It is true too! But I’m sure that many of you do not know its hidden features, which I will discuss below.


A home rowing machine is a platform with two handles and a seat (this is a simplified version, although there are also more elaborate devices with the same principle of work). It does not take up much space, so you can safely place it at home, even in confined spaces, and work out on almost all parts of the body (except, perhaps, the neck). Also, read the article about the treadmill.

Rowing simulator
Rowing simulator

In any version of the simulator, you can adjust the difficulty depending on your fitness level. Normally, the seat is movable, which allows you to use your feet. This is an undoubted advantage over the usual rowing on the boat. There you can not work your legs. Do you feel the difference?

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What is it used for?

The rowing machine is designed to work on the upper shoulder area, upper back, waist, hips, and buttocks. Yes, all this can be worked out with only one simulator, using different methods of rowing. So, you did not know that there were several of them? Now I will describe them briefly.

There are two ways of rowing on the simulator: with the inclusion of the back and without it. In the first case, where the back works, you can also add legwork, which will significantly increase energy consumption, and, consequently, calories, and increase the muscles to be worked. In the second – limited only to the work of the arms, shoulders, and upper back.


Depending on the level, rowing at home allows you to improve physical qualities such as strength (with a large resistance of the simulator and a small number of repetitions) and endurance (small resistance, but a large number of repetitions).

And do not think that it is intended only to tone muscles. No, it can increase your metabolism, which will get rid of excess weight and slim your figure.

It is worth noting that, with this simulator, you will not be able to gain weight, since it falls into the cardio category, even if its resistance will be at the “maximum” mark.

Well, as it often happens in gyms, this simulator (or rather work on it) can be used as a warm-up and a strengthener if you work with adequate weights. In my opinion, an excellent multifunctional device. What do you think?

For what problems can it become a magic wand?

I can tell you that it is guaranteed to help those who have problems with the lower back (jamming, pain in the spine, etc.) and those who have painful lumbar muscles.

In addition, working with oars means increasing the mobility of your joints, strengthening the musculoskeletal system, and improving your coordination of movements.

Guys, can you imagine how you can flaunt to your girlfriend the next time you ride in a boat? Girls, just imagine the surprised face of your boyfriend, if you own the technique of rowing better than him? Yes, he is no less surprised if you see what results you could achieve by working every day with just one simulator. Do you see the advantages of this simulator?

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So, I think you understand what a home rowing machine is and how it can improve your fitness. I hope you enjoyed the article. Do not forget to subscribe to blog updates, and be sure to leave your comments or share this information with your friends on social networks Good luck to you both in life and in sports.

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