Many people who want to lose weight, get rid of excess weight, and improve their health, often wonder how to accelerate their metabolism, because a low metabolism causes accumulation of fat and toxins.

Metabolism, from the scientific point of view, is all chemical reactions that allow, grow, develop, interact with the environment, that is, reactions that support life. In other words, metabolism is the speed, or intensity, of the formation of energy in the body, which is formed as a result of the consumption of food (proteins, fats and carbohydrates). Accordingly, the higher the rate of formation of energy from the eaten food, the higher the metabolism in humans.

Stages of Metabolism

Catabolism is the disintegration of complex organic substances, to simpler ones, in order to support life (usually,  energy is released in the form of heat and ATP). Catabolism breaks down muscle tissue.

Anabolism is the synthesis of complex substances from simpler ones, as a result of which, tissue renewal, the formation of new cells and substances (nucleic and fatty acids, sugars, amino acids, ATP) are observed. In contrast to catabolism, anabolism is responsible for the growth and development of muscles.

The scheme of metabolism in the human body

The scheme of metabolism in the human body

Factors of the human body that affect the metabolic rate:

  • Age (the older a person is, the slower his metabolism, the work of the cell’s energy station slows down, thus a slow conversion of nutrients into energy occurs)
  • Sex (men have a higher metabolism than women)
  • Heredity (poor genetics, chronic diseases can inhibit metabolism)
  • Body size (the more a person weighs, the higher his metabolism, so girls who have by nature a modest, not so impressive body size, unlike muscular guys, have a lower level of metabolic rate)
  • Obesity (fat people who suffer from excess weight, have an impaired metabolism, mainly because of a shortage of the thyroid hormone thyroxine.
  • The speed of metabolism affects not only how fast you can get rid of excess weight with Supplements for Weight Loss, but also on the work of all internal organs, respectively, the slower the metabolic rate, the less the body will be supplied with energy.

As you have already learned, the metabolic rate of everyone is different, depending on many factors, but there is a general, universal formula that will help you determine your basal metabolic rate (BMR), read about it below.

How to Know the Metabolic Rate (Metabolism)

To judge your metabolism (slow or fast), you must always start from plausible facts. One of which is that every person, depending on height, weight, and age, has a universal, unchanging metabolism, that is, the body will spend at rest, without taking physical activity into account, a constant amount of energy to maintain life.

So, we have come to the conclusion that the base metabolic rate, which depends on height, weight, and age. Below is a universal calculation of the basal metabolic rate, depending on sex.

M: (66 + (13.7 * weight) + (5 * height) – (6.8 * age)) * 1.2

G: (655 + (9.6 * weight) + (1.8 * height) – (4.7 * age)) * 1.2

The resulting figure will show you the minimum number of calories that need to be expended to maintain the body’s efficiency at rest. From the figure you received, you can easily start off when you consider how much you need to spend and consume kcal in order to lose weight, accelerate your metabolism.

Metabolism exercises
Metabolism exercises
The expenditure of calories depending on the figure of the girl

Why Metabolism Slows Down

Factors that promote slow metabolism. Get rid of them in your life if you think not only about your figure but also about your health.

Low-calorie Food, Lack of Kcal

Very often, especially women, limit themselves nutritionally, consuming as few calories as possible in their diet, as a result of which, metabolism may slow. The body reacts, to a sharp lack of calories, as to stress, as a result, the metabolism slows down, food starts to be stored, in the form of fat. That is, a hunger strike, you really will help, your mass will decrease, but not at the expense of reducing fat, but at the expense of the destruction of your muscles. But, then, when you resume your usual diet, you will not only gain all the old weight but also gain the extra pounds of fat that will result from your extreme starvation. Now, you understand why not eating after 6 pm is not only useless but also harmful.

Rare Meals

Very often, you can meet such a picture, especially in the current rhythm of life: a person eats rarely but eats at one time a lot. This is very harmful to the stomach, such a diet is not only dangerous for various diseases of the digestive tract, but also for fatty deposits. A large break between meals, slows down the metabolism, bringing it into a state of rest, the body begins to slowly digest food, putting energy in the form of fat in the reserve.

Thus, excess weight is stored in the fat depot, with rare meals, a constant sense of hunger (nature protects the body from lack of calories, reducing energy costs for its needs).

The Absence of Physical Activity (Sedentary Lifestyle)

Nature endowed us with arms and legs, not for us to lie on the couch all day and watch television, but to work, when this does not happen, metabolic processes begin to slow down, muscles are atrophied by disuse. The body assumes that, if a person doesn’t use their muscles, then they’re not needed. (The same is true for mental exercise and the brain.) As a result, with minimal energy expenditure, zero physical activity, a metabolic disorder occurs.

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Keep in mind that the probability for people with developed muscles to grow fat, when consuming a large number of calories is minimal, relative to a person who has never been involved in sports, due to the fact that muscles, large consumers of calories, for their life support, maintenance, much more energy than, to maintain fat. That’s why bodybuilders eat a lot, and do not get fat.

A fat guy drinks beer on the couch and eats harmful products
A fat guy drinks beer on the couch and eats harmful products

Lack of Vitamins and Minerals

Our body is a complex interrelated structure of organs, which must always be nourished, and saturated with useful elements ( vitamins and minerals ). When this does not happen, we begin to fall ill, our immune system is depressed, metabolism is broken, eventually, we get sick.

Therefore, it is very important to monitor, so that all important nutrients enter our digestive system.

Violation of Water-salt Balance in the Body

In our body, there are various chemical reactions that are possible due to the incoming water (60% of the total volume of the liquid). The water-salt solution is an electrolyte, that is, a fluid that conducts electrical impulses along the nerve endings, from the brain to the muscles. Thus, dehydration, lack of salts, can lead to disruption, slowing metabolism.

Lack of water puts the body in a stressful state, so always drink water during training.

Methods of Accelerating the Metabolism

Here are 4 main ways with which you can speed up your metabolism, and therefore lose weight.

Go in for Sports

Decide on the purpose of what you want from the sport. If you want to build muscle, then you need to go to the gym, if you want to lose weight, use a treadmill. And now in order, we list all the advantages, from building muscle mass, to weight loss.

By their nature, all strength training is anaerobic, which means that oxygen is not involved in energy supply. In practice, anaerobic strength training includes all exercises related to dumbbells, barbells, gym equipment, it is these exercises that help build muscle mass.

Thus, by building muscles, you will rid yourself of the constant, debilitating problem of counting the calories you eat, in order not to get fat.

To maintain muscle, it takes much more energy than to maintain fat, that is, by increasing muscle mass, you will accelerate, thereby increasing your metabolism.

Aerobic training (energy production occurs with the participation of oxygen), in contrast to anaerobic training, contributes to weight loss, fat burning. First of all, aerobic training includes: running, rolling, swimming, jumping, skiing, skating and other active sports. Such training always takes place at a high enough rate, training the cardiovascular system, and speeds up the metabolism. In addition, after aerobic training, depending on the intensity, the metabolism stays at a high level for another 12-24 hours.

Girl in headphones on a treadmill
Girl in headphones on a treadmill

Eat Well

Eating small, frequent meals (6-8/day), rich in all the necessary micronutrients, proteins, fats, and carbohydrates guarantees healthy digestion. When we begin to rarely eat, skipping meals, our body begins to fall into the “starvation” mode, slowing the metabolism, to conserve energy and reduce the feeling of hunger.

Eating often, but in small portions, you increase the metabolic rate, so if you still eat three meals a day, break the meat into six portions.

Try to include in your menu, foods rich in fiber, it helps to speed up the metabolism, due to the fact that it is poorly digested, the body has to spend on it additional energy costs.

Drink Water

The lack of water in the body leads to its dehydration, as a result of which all the physiological, biochemical processes in the body begin to suffer, the body temperature drops slightly, the metabolism slows down.

Drink at least 2-3 quarts of water every day, preferably cool, as our body will strive to “heat” it, thereby expend energy, that is, metabolism will be accelerated.

Depending on the intensity of training, physical activity, the volume of drinking water should be adjusted. So, for example, one professional bodybuilder, admitted in an interview that he drinks 7-8 quarts of water a day.

Mineral water is poured into a transparent glass
Mineral water is poured into a transparent glass

Restore Strength

First, avoid overtraining, which occurs when the body does not have time to regain strength after training. More often, overtraining occurs when a person does not get enough sleep and eat poorly. Sleep must be at least 8-10 hours, because when we sleep, growth hormone is produced, which is responsible for the development of the body. The food should include all the necessary nutrients.

Overtraining leads to a slowing of metabolism, energy saving processes, and increased fat deposits.

And the last thing I would like to say is the lifestyle of the modern human. Despite all the stresses that surround us, people start going to the gym, running and swimming, but still, the percentage of such active, healthy people, from all of humanity leaves much to be desired. It’s never too late to give up bad habits, do sports, start eating right, so you will not only improve your health, speed up your metabolism, tone your muscles, but also give a wonderful example to your children and others about how you should live, and enjoy life.

We hope that our advice and recommendations for accelerating the metabolism in the body will help you, and you will soon start to lose weight, and feel better.

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