In this article, we will talk about how to lose weight at home without dieting. This is one of the most popular questions young women ask when concerned about their figure, and want to always remain beautiful, slim and fit.

Diet is a restriction on the food that a person consumes daily. However, our body needs all trace elements, vitamins, so that it functions normally. Therefore, severely limiting proteins, fats or carbohydrates, is harmful to your health. That is why fad diets are harmful and work only in the short term.

When a person returns to a normal diet, the lost pounds return with even more.

Causes of Obesity

In recent decades, peoples’ way of life has radically changed. There never used to be cars, elevators, the main work was done manually, using heavy, physical labor. There were not enough products for everyone, people stood for weeks in queues to buy sausage, in common life, was far from easy, which required a man of significant physical strength to survive.

Then, people did not have such a problem of obesity. Now, all over the world, especially in America, people absolutely don’t care, the question is how to lose weight at home without dieting. Of course, there were people who were overweight, but they were well-to-do peasants, grandees who could be recognized by the “fat belly,” who were used to doing nothing, lying on the couch, and eating tasty food.

Of course, progress in modern society has played a positive role in the development of all mankind, but the problem is that very many people misuse this, and do not know how to combine the modern way of life (automated innovations that make almost everything for people, machines, abundance of products) with health.

And healthy proper nutrition, together with adequate physical exertion to lose weight, maintain muscle tone, or in other words, modern people are just lazy. We will instruct you on the right and healthy lifestyle. And yes, it is possible to combine workouts and work, read the next article!

A fat girl with glasses lies on the sofa and eats a sandwich
A fat girl with glasses lies on the sofa and eats a sandwich

Now let’s go directly to the nature of the accumulation of excess fat because without understanding these simple fundamentals, it will be difficult for you to lose weight without dieting at home.

Excess not spent calories, which enter the body through consumed food to be stored in the fat depot, in women, it’s thighs and buttocks.

What does “extra calories” mean? Each person has his own metabolism; some people need more calories for normal body maintenance (you can use our calculator for calculating kcal), and when calories exceed what’s necessary for maintenance, then such kcal is called superfluous, and they are stored in the form of fat.  Are you interested in reading our article on glycogen and fat accumulation? With an excess intake of calories, we begin to get fat.

How to Lose Weight Without Dieting?

In fact, such a statement of the question is the most correct, and healthy, because many diets are temporarily aimed at limiting a particular food, respectively, and the effect of fat burning will be temporary, in addition, many diets can give a negative result (fat gain).

Due to the fact that you artificially introduced your body into a stressful state, severely limiting your caloric intake, at first your weight really will decrease (by eating your muscles!), but then, when you step down from the diet, any food will be turned inevitably into fat, because the body will think that you are in a life-threatening state, and as you know, fat, gives you more energy than proteins or carbohydrates, so you will inevitably gain fat. 

The first thing to consider when wanting to lose weight without dieting, is to calculate your metabolism, also you can calculate approximately how much you spend kcal per day, you can do it using our table kcal. The next stage of losing weight without diets, will be creating a menu, the daily calorie intake, and inclusion of healthy slimming products (apples, rye bread, cottage cheese, eggs, olive oil, rice, cereals), while excluding from your diet, fried, smoked, fat, sweet. Why should the latter be removed? – everything is simple, sweet foods, contain a lot of simple, quickly digested carbohydrates, which are instantly stored in fat, if you do not spend it.

Floor scales and vegetables with fruits
Floor scales and vegetables with fruits

The diet should be balanced in its composition (vitamins, minerals), fractional (6-8 times a day must be fed, to promote the metabolism), and consist of 50% carbohydrates, 30% protein, and 20% fat (carbohydrates in the main slow, high biological value proteins, and unsaturated fats), in the first half of the day you consume mainly carbohydrates (for energy), in the second protein (for the construction of new muscle fibers). As you see at home without dieting, it’s easy to lose weight, but one correct diet for weight loss is not as effective as if we were doing the right physical exercise to burn fat, this is below.

Physical Exercises for Weight Loss

Losing weight on a correct diet can be easy, but in order for our muscles to maintain tone, you need to include aerobic load in your weight loss program, which will make extra calories burn even more, and for even more muscle toning (only not to be confused with muscle building, like in bodybuilders!), include anaerobic training – power load in the gym and find out how to learn to swim?

Running, swimming, cycling, skiing, are ideal for burning fat. If we talk about home conditions, then in this case, various exercise bikes, treadmills, in general, try to choose a simulator that would involve as many muscles as possible, for example, VersaClimber. If you have time and desire to visit the gym, we have already prepared a training program for you, in the appropriate section, safely follow it!

The girl is working on the VersaClimber
The girl is working on the VersaClimber

Being fat or slim is your choice. Exercise or don’t. Eat healthy food or harmful harmful food. These are choices you make every day. Decide to improve your lifestyle, or don’t. Don’t wait for tomorrow. Today, choose to improve your life!

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