In this article, you will learn how to learn how to swim and stay in the water on your own, to adults and children, and show you materials for free-wheeling (crawl), turning (tumbling) and breathing techniques during the voyage. Read, understand, embody what has been read and seen in practice in the basin.

Ability to stay on the water, swim, a vital skill that can once save your life, besides, regular exercises in the pool will strengthen your health.

Beginning to learn to swim is never too late, absolutely at any age, whether you are 6 years old or 86, it does not matter, it is important to understand that the water environment does not like cowards, and does not like extremals, so we will do everything wisely so as not to hurt ourselves.

The first thing you should pay attention to is your inner state, do not be afraid of water, it will not eat you, you will not swallow it; on the contrary, if you are properly approaching training, you will learn to have fun in water and relaxation.

How to learn to stay on the water

Before you swim on your own, you must first learn to stay on the water, do it simply, and no matter what your buoyancy is of the body, good or bad, you can swim, all the more you can stay on the water.


Take on a lifebuoy, or take any other device that could provide you buoyancy at a depth. Go to the depth, and start alternating movements with your feet like a frog. So repeat 5-10 times for 2-3 minutes. With time, after 2-3 weeks of training, you can easily swim to the deep part, while not being afraid to drown.

Alternating, frog movements, through time change to simultaneous. Such combined exercises for the feet, diversify the coordination of the body in the water.

The main thing, at the initial stage, to overcome your fear, because it is he who will prevent you from swim to depth. When you wake up confidently on the shallow part (with a leg break), 5-10 minutes, then you can safely stay on the water and on the deep part. If you have a psychological problem, fear to swim to depth, write about it in the comments, or ask your question via feedback, we will try to help you. Aerobic exercises are also good for losing weight.

How to learn to swim: adults and children

When you have learned to steadily stay on the water, start trying to make the first swimming strokes. However, all the movements (strokes) produced in the water and above it must be strictly according to technique, otherwise, you will wag your hands in an empty manner, as many do “swimmers”, with zero efficiency, that is, without the supplied equipment, you will hardly awake start from the water, just bury it.

At a young age, when a child is 6-7 years old, motor and motor skills are not exhausted, the brain absorbs and remembers movements in water with great speed, new connections are created, neurons that are ultimately postponed until the end of life (a person once learned to walk or swim, will never forget), that’s why children are easy to learn swimming, and adults are very problematic, not to mention putting the right technique in the water.

Note, today there are many “swimmers” of self-taught people who think that they have good swimming technique, and swim fast, but this is not so. The problem is that such pseudo-swimmers begin to learn how to swim, as a result, in the beginner, is fixed in the muscle memory and at a subconscious level, the erroneous technique of swimming, which is absolute, contradicts the modern presentation of the technique of swimming, and such a beginning swimmer, it becomes much more difficult to accustom to the correct movements in the water.

If you take advice from people how to learn how to swim, then take them from real professionals, experienced swimmers who know and understand what movements in the water should be.

Before you learn, swimming movements, you need to decide for a start, which way ofswimming, you prefer to learn. There are 4 basic ways of swimming, butterflybackbrass(frog), and crawl (freestyle).

A small child swims in the pool with a crawl
A small child swims in the pool with a crawl

According to statistics, most people want to learn how to swim by themselves with crawl and brass. Technique brace happy, difficult for a beginner, and not so fast, unlike the free style(rabbit), therefore, we will teach you a rabbit, which surpasses both the speed of training, and the speed of movement in water all the other styles of swimming.

Now that we have dealt with the theory, we go directly to practice.

Crawl or freestyle (in the wiggle, for many it will be more understandable), the fastest way to travel in the water, begin to learn how to swim it, we will be using various exercises, both on land and in water, which you will long and persistently perform in order to quickly and independently nice swim.

Why warm up before swimming in the pool?

An important component of any training is a warm-up, in this sport, it is necessary primarily to prevent cramps, stretching muscles in the water, and also adjust to the sporting mood. We also recommend the article: Run for weight loss.

How to learn to breathe while swimming

Below is a information on how to learn the correct technique of breathing while swimming on the chest (freestyle, butterfly and breaststroke) with the help of exercises. The basic rule is that a person must breathe out while the person is submerged completely under water, and inhaling over water.

How to make a turn in the pool

The element is already related to sportsmanship, so if you have not learned how to swim on your own, on technique, you should not get hung up on the turn.

If in brief, then the somersault should be performed as follows:

  • preparation for a turn, for 2 meters, the dark line on the center ends, while the hand is coming for it, start preparing to do a roll
  • grouped, bending his knees and pulling them to his chest
  • unbend legs, make a sharp push on the side, stretching his arms forward, so that the body is on his chest, and not on his back

Tips to help you learn how to swim faster

In order to quickly learn the technique of swimming, use our simple tips :

  1. Do not be afraid of water, it will not eat you, learn to relax and have fun staying in it
  2. Keep the highest position of the body above the water, do not fail, try to lean on water
  3. Work on quality grebkovyh movement. Number, does not mean quality, the more you have strokes, the faster you spend your energy, and less efficiently moving in the water (that’s why professional swimmers are able to swim at high speeds a pool of 50 m for 25-28 strokes.
  4. Do not forget about the work of the legs, when swimming in freestyle (the movement should go from the hip, not from the knee)
  5. Learn first of all to breathe properly (exhale under water, breath over water)
  6. Keep your head down, try to coordinate your movements, feel light and not forced to swim
  7. Do not skip training (regular classes), do not mess (do not cut) distances.
  8. Try to swim without stopping, do not bounce off the swimming track, do not put your feet on the bottom of the pool
  9. Do an easy warm-up before immersing in water, it will help you avoid cramps, adjust the body to physical exertion
  10. Be single-minded, believe in your success, spend a lot of time studying the techniques of swimming (all styles, if you plan to swim with complex swimming). A large number of thoughtless hours spent in the pool with the wrong technique will not lead you to a rapid weeding of the distance.
Michael Phelps (American swimmer)
Michael Phelps (American swimmer)

What you need to take with you to the pool

Before you go to the pool for an adult, or write your child to a sports group for swimming training, you must buy the necessary supplies, without which you simply will not be allowed to go there.

Medical information

Typically, if you decide to visit the pool one-time, then it is not needed. But if, the child wants to go to a sports group on swimming, then it is mandatory. You can take a medical certificate from a local doctor who should examine you for viral diseases, a throat, skin, measure body temperature, and at the end give you a certificate that you are healthy.

In some pools, there is already a doctor who issues certificates, therefore, before you go, it is better to call a contact phone for a watch, she should tell you whether you need a certificate or not (for adults), or they do not give out.

Swimming cap

Required assortment of a young swimmer, or long-haired adult in the pool. For those who have very short hair, or all at 0, it may not be necessary, each has its own rules in the pool, before it was possible with a short haircut does not wear a hat, may now be entered right to wear rubber caps for all necessary.

The rubber cap first of all prevents the spread of the infection in the pool, from the hair of its visitors, and also prevents the person from drying out the hair cover on the head, because the chlorine that is contained in the disinfection of water destroys the hair, making it brittle and dry.

In modern basins, the bacterization of water has been carried out for a long time with the help of coal filters, or ozonization, but this is no reason not to wear a hat.

You can buy it in almost any sports shop, mainly on sale there are silicone, latex and rags hats. We recommend that you buy silicone because it is convenient to use, it is good to lay down on the head, and it perfectly protects from the external environment.

Silicone swimming orange cap
Silicone swimming orange cap

Swimming goggles / mask

Mask as a rule is rarely taken to the pool, in children’s sports groups, it is generally not needed. As for swimming goggles, they are obligatory for children, because you do not want the child to spoil the eyesight from chlorine, or simply from constant contact with the eye cornea of ​​water.

Adults who already know how to swim well enough, breathe properly in water, and also need to purchase glasses. Those who only learned to keep on entering, glasses are not necessary, unless you certainly do not wiggle headfirst under the water.

Points can be different, amateur, starting, sports (training), professional (starting), and even with diopters. When choosing glasses, pay attention first of all to the bridge of your nose, so that it approaches yours, for this, try them straight in the store, in addition, adjust immediately the elastic band to the size that fixes the glasses to the head.

In order to prevent swimming glasses from sweating, you can buy an antifog (in the form of drops or spray).

Swimming Blue-White Glasses
Swimming Blue-White Glasses

Shower accessories

Before you plunge into the pool you need to take a shower, “dry”, you just will not be allowed to go to the water. After training, or swimming in the pool, you also need to take a shower thoroughly, wash off all the bleach that covered your hair and skin.

First of all for the shower you will need:

  • soap (liquid or solid if desired, but not necessarily if you take with you a universal shampoo for the head and body)
  • towel (best terry, as it absorbs moisture well)
  • Shampoo for the body and head (you can one that you used to use at home)
  • loofah (usually buy foam rubber sponge)
  • Slates (rubber slippers or pool shoes)

Before you go to the locker room, you will be asked to shift the street shoes to the shift on the watch. Buy rubber slippers in the store, they are mandatory in the pool.

First of all, the advantages of rubber slippers for the pool are as follows:

  • do not get wet
  • protect the legs from viral diseases (in the pool, the fungus usually walks)
  • do not slip on the surface
  • easy to use
The girl washes in the shower with a pink washcloth
The girl washes in the shower with a pink washcloth

Swimming suit / swimming trunks

Swimsuit for girls, swimming trunks for men, first of all, must be waterproof, not translucent, and also have good elasticity.

For girls in the pool, due to the high activity, it is best to use a swimsuit piecework, for the sea the opposite is separate. For men, classical swimming trunks or swimming trunks areuniversally suitable.

In order not to lose with the purchase, especially if the child is going to go to a sports training group, buy a swimsuit or swimming trunks, such famous in the world of swimming brands as:

  • Arena
  • MadWave
  • Speedo
  • finished
  • Triswim
  • TYR

Of course, if everything is exactly what you buy, buy in a nearby sports store, any sports swimming trunks or a suit, for a single visit to the pool is completely off.

After sports training or a one-time visit to the pool, do not forget all the swimming items(swimsuit, swimming trunks, goggles, rubber cap and sponge) to dry, so that they do not fray, usually hang on a door or chair, and for this purpose the battery is quite suitable.

Three piece swimsuits for girls in the pool
Three piece swimsuits for girls in the pool

Swimming is a vital skill

Salvation drowning, as you know, the work of the drowning themselves, therefore, be able to swim on their own, to keep on entering, is vital, both for children and adults. This skill can save your life one day, or you can save someone by peacefully resting on the beach.

In addition, do not forget that swimming is a specific kind of sport, working movements are carried out in the water, physical laws that work for other sports, for swimming they generally can not work, rather on turnover, adhering to standards, you will worsen your result. That is, by making excess effort in the water, because of the wrong technique of swimming, you will bury yourself in the water, not pushing away from it, and vice versa, having a high position in the water, a good sense of water, an ideal technique of swimming, you will plow in the water, moving in it freely and at ease. But this is already a conversation on a separate topic, for professional athletes who dream of setting world records, for you, just want to learn how to swim properly, the information provided, will be more than enough to finally swim on your own.

The girl swims under the water in a separate swimsuit
The girl swims under the water in a separate swimsuit

Hone the technique of swimming, your skills in water, and in time you will feel that you have already moved to a new, more advanced level of skill (for example, take a waterproof watch with you, mark the time of floating of different segments 25 m, 50 m, 100 m if you improve your time, then you are on the right path).

If you still can not swim, or worse still stay on the water, start to slowly master the material, write your child in the pool, practice in the end themselves in the water.

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