Obesity is an excessive accumulation of fat mass in the body. The causes are diverse, ranging from an incorrect lifestyle, ending with a genetic predisposition.

The problem of accumulation of excess weight is topical as ever absolutely for all people, so you need to know how to fight and treat this unpleasant phenomenon for a person.

Symptoms of appearance

There are different types of obesity, the symptoms of each of which are similar, the difference in the distribution of excess weight, as well as in the defeat of the nervous and endocrine system of the body.

If a person is genetically predisposed to fat accumulation, fullness, then talk about alimentary obesity, the reason for caloric intake, that is, overeating, entails consumption of a large number of kcal, but a sedentary lifestyle does not allow you to use up all the kcal received, the surpluses become fat, spreading evenly over the body, mainly in the abdomen and thighs.

Most often, this kind of suffering elderly people, leading a sedentary lifestyle. In this case, the damage to the endocrine system of the body is not observed. Read the article about speeding up metabolism.

The defeat of the central nervous system of the body can provoke hypothalamic obesity, which can occur against a background of various infections, swelling and trauma. Symptoms – rapid, rapid accumulation of excess weight, a person immediately gets fat, obesity appears, the fat is distributed mainly on the hips, buttocks, and on the stomach (an apron appears), in addition, the skin also suffers:

  • dryness appears
  • pink / white stripes
  • stretch marks

And also, a person can have a violation of vegetative dysfunction: palpitations, tremors, pale skin, excessive sweating, headaches and other.

Endocrine obesity can be caused by some endocrine diseases (hypothyroidism, Izenko-Cushing’s disease and others), while the patient not only does not have an unequal accumulation of fat, the appearance of various stretch marks on the skin, but also hormonal failures (in women, masculinization, in men feminization, gynecomastia, hirsutism and others).

Causes of obesity
Causes of obesity

Dercum disease (painful lipomatosis)

Dercum disease, a disease that manifests itself in the uneven distribution of painful areas of fat deposits in various parts of the body, painful fatty nodes concentrated throughout the body.

Obesity in children

Genetic predisposition to fullness, transmitted from inheritance to inheritance, is most often the cause of the appearance of children with excess weight (in the first year of life and appearance at 10-15 years of age), with disrupted metabolism.

Female gender, unlike males, is more likely to have excess body weight, because girls are already born with a more pronounced fatty layer than boys, and with age, this difference increases.

During puberty, children (10-15 years), are especially susceptible to obesity, the so-called puberty-youthful dyspituitism syndrome, because of the lack of stability of the CNS and endocrine system, this syndrome manifests itself in a sharp increase in fat mass, thinning of the skin, acne, and another, adolescents can look much older than their years.

Causes of appearance

The main reasons for the accumulation of excess weight:

  • Hereditary predisposition (a typical endomorph, read more about the types of the human body)
  • cessation, reduction or total absence of physical activity
  • malnutrition (consumption of preservatives, fatty, salty, smoked food, foods with a high glycemic index, alcohol production, lack of a fractional and balanced diet)
  • disruptions in the hormonal, endocrine system (hormone therapy, various diseases, operations leading to a decrease in the secretion of the hormone responsible for fat burning)
  • age features (decreased metabolism, physical activity, and as a consequence of the accumulation of excess fat is inevitable)
  • sexual, distinguishing, it is established that the female sex, in contrast to the male, is more inclined to accumulation of excess weight, due to the characteristics of the female body (pregnancy, lactation)

Obesity is a disease that can be transmitted both genetically (for example, it has been established that the mutation of the gene encoding the proteins of the signal system that are directly responsible for the amount of energy stored in the form of fat in the body can lead to fatness), and can be obtained thanks to wrong way of life (most often, the reason for the amount of energy received from food is so high that a person simply does not have time to spend it, and all the unused kcal are stored in fat). We also recommend: How to lose weight without dieting?

A full man measures his waist
A full man measures his waist


At the initial stage, excess weight is likely to be a cosmetic problem, it does not pose a threat to health. However, do not forget that the more a person weighs, the more excess weight there is in him, the more the load on the spine increases, the bones begin to wear out faster the joints.

Obesity of stage 3 and 4 (body mass index exceeds the norm by 50-100%), directly threatens human health: from increased pressure, pain in the knee joints, shortness of breath, ending with heart disease and other internal organs, is also very likely to develop diabetes mellitus, atherosclerosis, hypertension, and cancer (40 times the risk!).

And now, let’s examine how to overcome this disease of modern man, and remain at the same time beautiful and healthy.

Fighting obesity

Prevention, or the fight against excess weight, should be carried out in a complex way, for example, it is useless to try to lose weight, if you wind up every day on bikes, treadmills, and at the same time do not watch your diet at all. On the one hand, you burn kcal, on treadmills, but on the other hand you again eat them with harmful foods and malnutrition.

The fight against obesity is especially important for people after 40 years, when metabolic processes in the body slow down, as well as for children who are sloping to fullness, due to their type of physique. Do not relax to other people who are not part of this “dangerous” category, other people are also easily susceptible to fat accumulation, it is worth changing your lifestyle (minimize physical activity, transmit, or on the contrary, eat rarely, and even harmful products).

So, let’s enumerate the basic principles of a healthy lifestyle that will help burn excess fat from the hips, buttocks and abdomen.

  1. Take away all your diets that limit you in vitamins, minerals and other beneficial substances for the body. Any restriction in food required for the normal functioning of the body can lead to irreparable harm to health.
  2. Correct and healthy food, this is a food that is perfectly balanced in its composition: it has all the necessary micro and macro elements, fats, proteins and carbohydrates. Proper nutrition is not a diet, it is a healthy lifestyle that must remain with you throughout your life, if you care about your health, the health of your future children, and of course about your figure.
  3. Physical activity, aerobic exercise contribute to weight loss, fat burning, only in combination with healthy nutrition
  4. To lose weight, fat that does not readily leave, you must follow a simple rule: the amount of kcal obtained from food should be less than the amount of kcal consumed during its daily activities (our caloric content tables and the energy consumption of a person will help us to do this)
  5. The diet should be reusable, divided (about 6-7 meals), and it consists only of healthy foods that do not contain harmful preservatives, saturated fats. Approximate meal plan for the day: 50% carbohydrates, 30% protein, and 20% fat. Carbohydrates try to consume mainly only complex (cereals, cereals, etc.), especially if you are prone to accumulation of excess fat.
A girl in a white coat measures the volume of the abdomen of a fat man
A girl in a white coat measures the volume of the abdomen of a fat man

And a couple of tips:

  • In order to start the process of fat burning in the body, you need to create a deficit of kcal, do it simply, gradually reduce the caloric content of your diet, by cutting carbohydrates (ideally, when you lose weight by 1 kg per week, no more!)
  • As soon as you start to feel hungry, make a light snack

Adhering to our advice, you can lose excess fat, look beautiful and pretentious, and most importantly your health, the cardiovascular system will become strong.

And finally…

The problem of overweight is more urgent than ever for very many people, due to the development of high technologies (for example, cars have replaced walking tours), the emergence of a variety of harmful foods that contain empty calories and so on. All this leaves an imprint, not only on the current state of people’s health, but also on the health of their future generation.

However, we have a choice, all conditions for active physical activities, a wide range of healthy products in supermarkets. The main thing in this business, to overcome yourself, your laziness, and gradually move towards the goal.

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