Today you will find out what the exercise on an bike is, how to properly do it to lose weight, and what type of exercise bike you need to choose. I hope you like the information I picked up. And also read the article, what is the best exercise bike or elliptical trainer?

  1. How to practice on a stationary bike
  2. Correct position
  3. Possible training program
  4. Types of bikes

Few people know, but a bicycle cardio is almost a universal means for training. It can be classes on bodybuilding, fitness or just physical activity at home. Classes on a stationary bike will be useful both for men in the recruitment of muscle mass, for example, and for women who want to lose weight.

How to practice on a stationary bike

Classes on this simulator can take place in different ways. They can focus on the various goals of the practitioner, on his physical fitness and other aspects of sports activities. Training can take place at home (if the bike is there) and in the gyms. Read the article about training program with own weight.

Training at home for weight loss
Training at home for weight loss

Depending on what needs to be achieved, the nature of the classes changes. So, if you need to reduce weight, girls on the stationary bike need to work for about 30 minutes at an average pace and at an average level of difficulty (this in general). Although it is better to follow the program below.

An excellent indicator of proper work, burning calories and the usefulness of an exercise bike will be rapid breathing and mild sweat on the body. The time intervals and the degree of loads can be adjusted at will – increase or decrease.

For beginners, training using a stationary bike should be gradual: you do not have to spend too much time in the first two weeks, put on high difficulty or keep a high tempo. The load must increase.

Classes can be held as you like: every day (up to 20 minutes), every other day (30-40 minutes), or when there is an opportunity (time is set individually). But, again, it is necessary to take into account the goals to be achieved.

Tell for yourself, how do you better deal – independently, adhering to the above recommendations, or will you still wait for a specific training program, which, by the way, is painted below?

Correct position on the stationary bike

Every time, when practicing on public simulators, they need to be adjusted for themselves. And the exercise bike is no exception.

Adjust the seat height and position: the foot on the bottom pedal should be almost straightened, but slightly bent, the upper knee should look at the floor. The distance between the seat and the rudder should be equal to or slightly larger than the forearm. Adjust the steering wheel – it has the property to change the position – tilt, lift, as convenient. Set the degree of loading. You can start the lesson.

If you only need to load the lower extremities and buttocks without including the waist and press in the work, then you can “lie down” on the steering wheel, thus relaxing the unwanted zones. If there is a desire to include them in the work, then it is necessary to sit so that the back was straight, and the whole body was slightly tilted forward – to the steering wheel. From the selected position, you can start to twist the pedals.

Training at home for weight loss
Training at home for weight loss

The front of the foot should stand on the pedal, the heel – be free. A variation in the torsion of standing pedals is possible. Well, how, cope? I hope I did not complicate things too much.

Possible training program

Ways to improve your body and health on a stationary bike are many. Now one of the training options on the stationary bike will be presented.

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You need to start with the setup of the simulator, and then go to the workout without using it. After that, you can start warming up on the simulator – it is about 4 minutes, the pace is fast, the complexity is low.

Warm up phase.

  1. During the ride, do 10 push-ups on the steering wheel;
  2. hands in the lock and straighten in front of him, back round (bend) – stretch;
  3. hands in the lock behind his back, take the shoulder blades, bend his back;
  4. hands up, stretch;
  5. hands in the same position, inclines to the sides;
  6. relaxation – single breathing exercises or breathing exercises.

The main phase is 14 minutes. The rate is the same, the load is small:

  1. To put your hands behind your back, to bend forward a little – 2 minutes;
  2. hands on the steering wheel, increase the load by 80% – 3 minutes;
  3. reduce the load to a minimum – to restore breathing – 1 minute;
  4. Raise the pelvis above the seat, but leave the body in the same position (torsion of pedals standing) – 2 minutes;
  5. reduce the tempo, increase the load to 80%, standing position, there may be a slight swinging of the hips – 3 minutes;
  6. sit down, reduce the load to a minimum, increase the rate, remove the hands from the steering wheel and lower (“cruiser”), relaxation – 1 minute;
  7. hands on the steering wheel, the maximum rate, acceleration – 1 – 2 minutes.

The final phase is 5 minutes. Tempo average:

  1. shake your hands, deep breaths and exhalations – 30 seconds;
  2. perform warm-up exercises with hands, sipping, tilting – 2 minutes;
  3. sit comfortably, put the feet down, perform the torsion of the pedals – 30 seconds;
  4. feet are parallel to the floor, back torsion is 30 seconds;
  5. to increase the load to the maximum, to stand on the pedal – both legs are straightened, stretching to both feet – 30 minutes;
  6. foot put on the steering wheel, tilt to the toe, repeat the same for the other leg – 30 seconds;
  7. jumping off the trainer, jumping rope – 30 seconds.

During this workout, you can not stop at all, unless it is indicated in the program. There should not be any rest! What do you think, master this program? If yes, then I congratulate you – you are an aspiring person.

Types of bikes

Strangely enough, but the exercise bikes are not the same. They are of the usual kind, imitating real bicycles, and unusual, allowing you to load your legs, buttocks and the bottom of the press. They have an armchair where you will feel comfortable.

Training at home for weight loss
Training at home for weight loss

The second type is intended for people with spinal cord injuries, back, although healthy men and women can be engaged in them. But the first kind is not suitable for everyone – people with back problems will be uncomfortable, the trauma may be painful because of some load on the lower back.

Therefore, I think the choice is obvious. And which type of bike will you prefer? By the way, you can see and choose a simulator in a trusted shop.

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