Combining regular workouts in the gym with work, isn’t for everyone. Much depends on the working schedule, your athletic ambitions and purposefulness. But since you are asking this question, it means that you have some difficulties in combining the main work with your training, so we will give you recommendations that should help you in resolving this issue.

To answer, in full on the question of how to incorporate workouts into your workday, you need to decide on the goal, that is, what you want to accomplish with sports or physical activities.

For example, if you want to become a champion, a record holder, then your workouts should not only be regular, but your diet and rest should be impeccable and scheduled hourly, which is very difficult to do with a standard five-day work per week. The most important thing is that the workout is not so intense that the physical strains in total don’t exceed the restorative capacity of your body.

If you just want to achieve a beautiful sports body, that’s easy enough if you persevere with regular exercises in the gym, and adhere to proper nutrition and rest.

How Successfully Combine Workouts and Work?

In this example, training will be considered in the gym, with a standard five-day workweek, from 8 am to 5 pm. If you have a different work schedule, for example, if you’re working 2/2, 1/3 shifts, then this schedule allows you to calmly choose the time for training, while at the same time to rest and recover completely. Some workouts can help to get rid of obesity, read the next article about this.

Morning Workouts

It can be difficult to find a gym that opens before 7 am, so you might have to work out at home.

Exercise at home is possible, but it’s not possible to pump up substantially your muscles using 10-15 kg of dumbbells unless you reinforce the floor.

But to lose weight, increase stamina, you can do it at home, as it does not require any special equipment, such as making daily runs, different aerobic exercises and adjusting your diet food.

Jogging down the street in the morning
Jogging down the street in the morning

Workout at Lunchtime

It can be hard to find a good opportunity to attend the gym at work, unless it is mandatory for all its employees.

Of course, you can drive by car, at lunchtime, but after you finish eating, change your clothes, it will take 30-45 minutes to practice, which is very little to gain strength training stress, to stimulate muscle growth. In addition, with such a schedule of training, you need to consume lunch 1-2 hours before working out.

Due to these factors, it is very difficult to implement workouts at work during lunch, and besides, it is not very effective. Also, at lunchtime, there are quite a few people in the gym. We also recommend the article: Aerobic exercises.

Wall clock and weight on a dark background
Wall clock and weight on a dark background

Evening Workouts

The most popular time to visit the gym is immediately after work at about 5:30 – 6 pm. It is understandable, the work is finished, there is time to work out with physical development. It would seem that everything is simple, go regularly, after work 3 times a week in the gym. However, in practice, not everyone can overcome their laziness, fatigue, stress at work. And, proper nutrition, too, is often forgotten.

Therefore, here I will give you one piece of advice to everyone, take your will into a fist, and overcome yourself, every day, every training, force yourself, otherwise you will never become what you want to see yourself in physical development.

The question is only in your motivation, and everything, either you do, or you do not. You can watch after work motivating videos that will focus your mind on work in the gym, will give a charge of energy.

Usually, within one, maximum two months, a correct, useful habit is formed. Teach your body to work in a sports mode, and you will quickly see how the exercises in the gym bring some positive emotions, vital energy.

The biggest drawback of the evening training is a large crowd of people in the gym, due to the fact that a five-day working week from 8 am to 5 pm, or from 9 am to 6 pm, is the most common, and as a result, often many machines, the barbells, and dumbbells are busy, and you have to wait your turn.

A sportive girl performs breeding dumbbells lying on a bench in the gym
A sportive girl performs breeding dumbbells lying on a bench in the gym

Shift Work and Workouts

Shift work, one of the most favorable types of work to combine it with your training, primarily due to the fact that people working on a shift schedule, can train at a time that they themselves want (in the morning, at lunch, or in the evening).

The basic principle of building training in this case will be based solely on your personal well-being, that is, at what time of the day you will show the maximum performance in the gym. As a rule, ” owls ” are most active in the evening, ” larks ” in the morning.

The human body is unique, it can be completely restructured, if you constantly exercise at the same time, then gradually for this time will become a habit and will produce maximum strength and energy in training.

When a training time is decided, it is necessary to learn more about how to prepare yourself properly for training after a working day so that you do not get tired or hungry, defeating the purpose of the training.

The girl does a bench press in the simulator at an angle
The girl does a bench press in the simulator at an angle

How to Create Conditions for Muscle Growth at Work

As usual in the morning you wake up and have breakfast, then another meal followed, after 2 hours, then the next, also after 2 hours. The main principle of athlete’s nutrition is frequency and balance.

In order not to look at the clock all the time, you can listen to your body, as soon as you start to feel a slight feeling of hunger, immediately start to eat. Some meals, it is advisable to replace with protein drinks.

At work, try not to overexert yourself, if there is a possibility not to spend physical strength – do not waste, it will be useful for you in the gym.

Vegetable salad, bread, apple and computer keyboard
Vegetable salad, bread, apple and computer keyboard

Mental Basic Work and Training

If you work more in the head, for example, as an office worker who periodically exerts his mental powers, then in this case, too, one should not get tired much, especially try to avoid strong stresses, otherwise the nervous system will reboot and you will feel discouraged, but it’s not as scary as in cases of hard physical work, which will inevitably lead the athlete, sooner or later, to overtraining.

Heavy, Physical Work and Training

If you do heavy work, count on the fact that muscle mass will grow at a good pace, assuming that you have fully restorative rest. To solve this problem, to some extent pre-training complexes, for example, NO-Xplode  (gives strength and energy for the gym) and the maximum possible rest at work (at the first opportunity to lie down/sit/sleep) help to some extent.

Better, of course, there will generally be a change in heavy, physical work if you are obsessed with the idea of pumping large muscles.

A man drags a lot of large full bags in the harness
A man drags a lot of large full bags in the harness
Before the training itself, as mentioned above, we recommend taking a pre-training drink, BCAA, protein, after it, creatine and a protein-carbohydrate mixture, to make the energy spent as quickly as possible.

The fact that you are asking such an important question how to combine workouts and work is one step to victory, the main thing is not to stop, go gradually to your goal, believe in yourself, and your strength, develop in every way, read the scientific / sporting literature, learn something new for yourself, and you will certainly achieve everything.

Strive for the work that would bring you both money and pleasure, with which you would have time to do all your favorite things, like training. 

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