Today’s topic is at first glance simple, but when it comes to how to breathe properly with exercise, this question puzzles many. What complex and incomprehensible can be in such a routine process as breathing? And why is it so important to do this wisely?


  • Proper breathing during warm-up
  • Type of breathing
  • Proper breathing during the main stage of exercise
  • Running
  • Strength Exercises
  • Swimming

Special breathing techniques exist to enrich the body with every inhalation necessary for development and intake of adequate oxygen. For a person involved in sports, the skills of correct breathing should be learned first. These skills will not only help you achieve the best results but will greatly simplify training. So, what is Men’s Physique?

Proper breathing during warm-up

Morning exercise usually consists of fairly simple exercises that do not require excessive physical exertion. But when performing them, you need to monitor your breathing.

The main rule is to monitor the coordination of the performed movements and phases of breathing. So, you need to exhale when the muscles are as tight as possible and inhale during the period of relaxation.

Consider the example of squats with a barbell. Dropping down, you need to inhale, then exhale when rising.

Don’t forget that breathing in this way is necessary for every type of exercise. Otherwise, you will very quickly lose strength, because the lungs will be supersaturated with oxygen because of frequent uncontrolled intake of air.

Type of breathing

Of great importance is how you breathe. The superficial, which affects only the upper part of the trunk, is completely ineffective. But if you breathe by contracting the abdominal muscles (inhalation – the stomach protruded, exhalation – retracted), the body will work at full capacity.

If you are sure that breathing is right, test yourself. Lying one hand on the chest, the second on the stomach. Inhale as you usually do. Notice which hand is higher. If the one that lies on your stomach is higher- then you are doing everything right. Otherwise, study abdominal breathing.

Proper breathing during the main stage of exercise

In general, the approach remains the same, but depending on the sport there are slight differences.



When we make continuous movements for a long time, the body experiences significant stress. Proper breathing helps with that.

It is necessary to clearly control each breath and exhalation, correlating them with motor activity. During a normal run, it is best to perform a complex breathing in and out after every 4 steps. But, if running faster, you can reduce this to 2 steps.

In any case, you need to listen to yourself, adjusting your breathing so that it’s comfortable to run.

These instructions do not apply to short-distance races, during which the motor activity increases many times, and the lungs simply cannot get enough oxygen. But at the end of the race, the body restores oxygen levels to normal.

Strength Exercises

Strength Exercises
Strength Exercises

If you recently started exercising, it is advisable to exhale during each extension with the sound “Fu-u-x.” Do not be afraid to seem ridiculous – the sound can be made quite quietly, the main emphasis is on the correctness of exhalation.

Catching your breath, especially when weightlifting, is strongly discouraged. This leads to a sharp shortage of oxygen and can even cause a syncope.

There are exercises that involve the simultaneous relaxation of muscle tension in different parts of the body. In this case, too, one must exhale only during the tension phase.



Overcoming the resistance of water, the muscles tend to be many times stronger than if you are doing exercises on land. But it is necessary to accustom yourself to breathe properly and any difficulties will lessen.

The main rule is to take in a short breath from the mouth then exhale slowly through the nose. This is due to the fact that you need to get rid of water that has got into the nasal passages.

Newbie swimmers need to perform the following exercise. 
Take a deep breath, hold your breath, and go under the water completely for 10-15 seconds. Then rise and exhale. You need to train gradually until the number of dives reaches 20. This is very helpful in preparing for the swim. We also recommend Cardio workout at home for weight loss.

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