How to lose weight by jumping rope

Weight loss with the help of diets is referred to as passive ways of getting rid of extra pounds, and jumping rope, is a source of physical activity, which is so lacking today.

A person’s employment does not allow “carving out” time to visit the pool or gym, especially if sports complexes are located far from the place of residence: time is added to the journey back and forth, to idle in traffic jams, etc. a minimum is required, and the result is a toned-down, built-up body.

Add to this the fact that breathing is trained, the work of the intestine is normalized, the performance of the heart improves, the body becomes flexible.

For slender legs are useful regular exercises using a rope. They help in the prevention of cellulite, stimulate the production of endorphins – hormones of good mood.

How to choose the length of the rope for weight loss

To use the rope for weight loss, you need to choose the right length, for which the rope fold in half, located near the armpits of the handle. The correct length of the home fixture is considered if the fold touches the floor. You can check the length in the store. If this is not possible, go shopping, measure the distance between the armpits and the floor at home to select the desired length of the rope.


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In specialized stores for weight loss at home, different options are offered:

  • with a counter in the pen that counts the number of jumps;
  • weighted jump rope for weight loss, designed to train boxers.
  • weights can be cord, or pens;
  • speed rope for weight loss allows you to make up to 5-6 rotations per second.

Sports load when working with it is comparable to the three-kilometer cross. These options are suitable for beginners and experienced athletes.

How many jumps to perform to lose weight

Jump to lose weight, you need to regularly. It is better to exercise every other day to give the body time to recover. In extreme cases, training is carried out 2 times a week.

For a start, just jump 10-15 minutes. As training increases, the duration of the lesson increases to half an hour, and then to 45 minutes.

It is not necessary to strive for the maximum time from the first classes, because for untrained muscles the load is too large.

Even after the first trainings of minimal duration, there is pain in the legs, thighs, buttocks, and abdominal muscles. To this must be prepared.

When the body is involved, it will get rid of toxins and toxins that go with sweat.

Jumping on a rope for weight loss, slow down or take a break if shortness of breath appears. But, it is also not necessary to take care of yourself, if you want to lose weight in the short term in the hips and abdomen

Jumping 15 minutes on a skipping rope for weight loss, 250 calories are burned.

  • To warm up the necessary muscles, jumps on a rope for weight loss should be started with a low intensity of movement;
  • Keep your back straight (look forward);
  • Rotate the rope correctly with wrists, keeping the elbows as close as possible to the body;
  • If there is a place on the balcony, it is better to train there, or to open a window leaf during class at home.


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How jump rope helps to lose weight in the hips and abdomen:

  • Jumps are simple: jump on the toes, rotating the rope and spring knees. For one jump, perform one spin.
  • Jumping with the change of legs: jump, lifting alternately legs
  • Double jump: in one turn, have time to perform two jumps at a low pace, allowing you to restore breathing.
  • Jumping to the side: jump on one rotation, moving to the right, on the next – to the left, i.e. returning to its original place.
  • Jumps back and forth: making one rotation, jump up and forward, and the next – go back.
  • Jumping on one leg: jump on each leg 10 times.

At first, you should not give a significant load: let your body get used to the sport mode. Perform each exercise takes 2-3 minutes.

How to effectively lose weight with skipping rope

The body, as it is trained, will get stronger and will require a greater load. Making the necessary muscle groups work more intensively, the training process is made more diverse.

Complicate exercise with a rope for weight loss is not difficult:

  • Alternate the direction of rotation, performing a double rotation of the rope during one jump.
  • Jump on one leg, learn to throw forward (as with a cancan) the other leg. Then, throw your leg back. Perform training alternately for each leg.
  • You can complicate jumping by jumping and lifting your knees to your chest or turning your closed knees to the right and left, raising them at a right angle to the body of the thigh. So the load falls on the muscles of the lower back. In addition, the abdominal muscles are loaded, body fat is being removed from the waist, i.e. man loses weight.

Already after the first 10 days of classes, i.e. after 1-2 months (when training 2-3 times a week), the result is noticeable.

Contraindications for exercise on a skipping rope for weight loss

It would seem that exercises with a rope are simple and simple, but they give a significant load to the muscles, so they can lead to nausea, poor health, dizziness. In the case of at least one of these signs, the occupation is stopped.

Perhaps the reason for the high intensity of training, because of what the body does not have time to recover. In this case, it takes a week break in order to have a good sleep, rest and continue training for weight loss.


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Heart jumping rope for weight loss also give a significant load, so in order not to overdo it, it is recommended to measure heart rate after each exercise and after five minutes. With approximately the same indicators, the load is recommended to be reduced. If the pulse after 5 minutes recovers to normal, it is recommended to increase the pace, otherwise the lessons will become useless.

Suffering from heart disease, people need to be especially careful when starting to exercise with a rope for weight loss. They definitely need a consultation with a doctor, as well as people with diseases of the spine and joints.

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