In this article, you will see a training program with your own weight, and you will learn what adaptations you will need, what these exercises are and “what they eat”.

  1. What is exercise with its own weight?
  2. Necessary equipment
  3. 3-day training program for men and girls
  4. Conclusion

Agree, it is not always possible to attend a sports or gym. Often happens so that there is no desire to spend a lot of time on a trip there and back, or at all it would not be desirable to fork up on the subscription.

So what now, not to deal with? Of course not. Exit can be found with exercises with your weight at home. With this you will be able to kill several “hares” at once: save time, money, and also get pumped up and get better. But I’m not saying that it will be easy.

What is exercise with its own weight?

Well, come on, say this right away, just a few exercises with your own weight. I bet you immediately came up with pull-ups on the bar and push-ups on the uneven bars.

Although other options are not excluded – is it not enough, can you be a professional ” wrestler “.

If two of the above exercises come to mind, then you are absolutely right – these are the very exercises. But the list of “free” exercises does not end there. Below I will tell you how you can use the weight of your body to “put pressure on the mass.”

Training for girls
Training for girls

Exercises with your weight are exercises that involve working with lifting or holding your own weight on various devices, for example, a bar.

It is not necessary to think that such exercises are not suitable for home – if you really want to do yourself, then I think you will decide to purchase, at least minimal equipment.

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Thus you will spend some amount of money, but at the same time save time. If there is no possibility to buy a home crossbar or an expander, then immediately start looking for the nearest sports ground – this will be your place of training.

Necessary equipment

For home. I recommend you to buy a special crossbar, which can be installed in the doorway, or make homemade, but reliable.

Also, if you have never pulled up before, the rubber expander will be irreplaceable for you. Prepare just two sturdy chairs or a stool – they will simulate the bars.

For pumping the press, you would not be prevented by a gymnastic wheel or, as it is called, a gymnastics roller, and to increase the legs you will need a rope. For pumping the neck you will need a towel (I think you have it).

Push-ups from the floor for men
Push-ups from the floor for men

For employment on a sports ground. If you are also a beginner, and never before have been especially engaged in pull-ups or push-ups, the rubber expander will be very useful. Get the skipping rope.

3-day training program for men and girls

If you have not done before, then during pull-up, attach both ends of the expander to the bar, grab the crossbar and stand in the middle of the expander – it will help you pull yourself up. Gradually reduce the extent of the help of the expander. A similar principle is applicable for push-ups on bars (chairs). Imagine that you are working on a gravitron.


  1. Pulling on the bar (horizontal bar) with a wide straight grip to the chest: 3 sets of 12 – 15 times.
  2. Pulling on the crossbar with a wide straight grip for the head: 3 sets of 10 – 12 repetitions.
  3. Tightening with an average reverse grip (on the biceps): 4 sets of 10 – 12 times.
  4. Head inclinations to the sides with resistance: 2 approaches for each side for 15 – 17 repetitions. Tie a towel around your head, and both ends take in your right hand. Perform a tilt of the head to the left, without giving the right hand easy to tilt the head to the left (adjust the load to the neck by yourself). Similarly, for the head to the right.
  5. Push-ups standing on their hands (leaning their feet against the wall): 2 sets of 6-8 reps (this is quite difficult).
  6. Hyperextensions on the lying sex: 3 sets, in each up to 20 repetitions (you simultaneously lift straight arms and legs lying on the stomach).
  7. Exercise “cat”: 2 sets of 15 times.
  8. Flexion-extension of the back standing on all fours: 2 sets, 15 flexions and extensions each.


  1. Push-ups from the floor (wide setting of hands): 2 sets of 15 – 17 repetitions.
  2. Push-ups from the floor (middle): 2 sets of 15 push-ups in each.
  3. Push-ups from the floor (narrow): 2 sets of 12 times.
  4. Push-ups on the uneven bars (chairs): 3 sets of 20 – 25 repetitions.
  5. Flexion-extension of the hands in the support from behind (legs and hands on uneven bars or beds and chairs): 2 sets, each for 18 – 20 repetitions.
  6. Twisting on the floor: 3 sets of 20 – 25 repetitions.
  7. Raising the straight legs lying on the floor: 2 sets of 20 -25 times.
  8. Lateral twisting: 2 sets of 20 – 25 repetitions each.


  1. Squats on one leg: 6 – 8 reps in 3 sets.
  2. Squats near the wall (legs forward): 2 sets of 12 – 15 times. Lean back against the wall, while squatting on it. Legs forward 40 – 50 cm. If the exercise is too difficult, it can be replaced by attacks.
  3. Jumping on the rope on the bent legs: 3 – 5 minutes. Jump on a short skipping rope on the half-bent legs.
  4. Climb to the hill: 6 – 10 reps in 2 – 3 sets for each leg. Rise to the hill (stool) first 10 times with one foot, then the other.
  5. Push ups from the floor standing on your hands (leaning against the wall with your feet): 2 sets of 6-8 reps.
  6. Lifting the pelvis lying on the back: 2 sets of 15 lifts. The legs are bent at the knees and stand on the floor.
  7. Raising the pelvis with support on the elbow: 2 sets of 10 – 12 times. Lie on your side, lean on your elbow and forearm. Do the lifting of the pelvis until the entire body is straightened.
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The presented program of trainings with own weight can act as the program for a set of mass. And I say goodbye to you. Be sure to subscribe to blog updates, and leave your comments. I almost forgot – share this program with your friends on social networks. All the successes and pleasant days off.

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